Top 5 mistakes bloggers make

31 Mar

No matter what the topic of the blog, most blogs are designed to draw an audience around its content–but this doesn’t always happen. Some writers spend hours scratching their heads, wondering “Why are people not reading this blog?” As one who has previously pondered that conundrum, trust me, it’s easier to fix than it seems.

Let’s examine the top five mistakes bloggers make:

1. Grammar and spelling mistakes
This is the most annoying error a writer can make. Most people are so excited about the content they are about to impart upon the world that they rarely take the time to proofread their posts. For people in PR, or any communications field for that matter, posts riddled with spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and the occasional missing or misplaced punctuation can discredit everything they have just written. Take the time to proofread, it will automatically strengthen the post.

2. Selfish blogging
This is one that I have been guilty of–writing for myself instead of for my readers. I call this mistake “selfish blogging,” a writing style that indulges in flowery descriptions and fanciful language that becomes too diluted for readers to understand. Its fine for keeping a diary, but when it comes to producing content that resonates with your audience it is more appropriate to simplify your writing style.

3. Irrelevant content
Before publishing a post it is necessary to ask “Why do people read my blog?” If the answer is because they want to learn about xyz or hear about the latest whatever, chances are your readers will not be interested in your cat or your workout routine, unless of course that is what your blog is about. Make sure that content is targeted and specific to the audience of the blog.

4. Repeat what has already been said
Simply rewriting what other blogs have already published is not producing content. In fact, it could be considered stealing. That being said, if you want to write on a topic that other blogs are writing about write it in a new way with a twist. Newspapers report on the same stories every day, but the good publications always do it differently than the other guy.

5. Show too much personality
Momma always said “There’s a time and place for everything.” Unless it is in line with the purpose of your blog, discussions of controversial topics such as religion and politics have do not belong. As soon as a writer publicly aligns themselves with a certain religion, political party or opinion they alienate a huge portion of their potential audience. It is best to stay neutral in your opinions about topics that do not pertain directly to your blog. A blog is a brand. It is important to make decisions that will enhance the mission of the blog and not just for the purpose of expressing personal beliefs.

If writers paid closer attention to these five things, the strength of their content would increase, possibly their readership, too.

What other mistakes do you think bloggers always make?

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