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The Power of the Facebook “Like”

27 Apr

Oh, Facebook. It seems these days that every person and every business has a Facebook page. With that kind of competition, companies have had to get creative for you, the consumer, to notice their brands. Big companies have been spending big bucks to build fancy Facebook pages that will entice consumers to “like.” Why?

Because they know the power of the Facebook “like.”

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20 Apr

No matter what business you are in, giving professional PowerPoint presentations is part of the job. Excellent presentations can help a firm communicate their pitch effectively and bring in clients. On the flip side, very bad presentations can kill a firm’s chances of ever getting hired, especially by big companies.

By following these easy tips from CMO Johnny Chan of the San Diego digital marketing consultancy firm eBoost Consulting, your pitch will impress and win the business of your next client.


There are three things that you need to do in order to produce an excellent pitch:

  1. Craft a compelling message
  2. Enhance with compelling visuals
  3. Deliver with impact

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The Plight of the Y Generation

13 Apr

As students of journalism we have heard over and over from professors and lecturers that collectively writing skills have worsened over the years. Bad writing is killing America.

Reading is fun!

But perhaps it is the disappearance of another R that is plaguing the world of communication. The plight of Gen Y might possibly be the slow disappearance of the act of Reading.
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