Google +: The missing link?

30 Jun

The Google+ launch has the social media community in a frenzy! An enormous demand prompted the lucky invitees of the new social media program to open the flood gates on invites, which was eventually suspended by Google. Everyone wants in (including me) and here is why:

Is Google+ the Missing Link in social media?

An Evolution

Myspace entered the social media scene with simple profiles that allowed people to showcase their interests and demographics.

Facebook blew Myspace out of the water with an even more simple approach, but with an added hook: The ability to build a more exclusive network of friends, family, classmates and acquaintances. Instead of a fully public profile, Facebook allowed users to tap into networks based on geography and institutions of education (which was it’s original purpose, as everyone saw in “The Social Network”).

Now after the death of Myspace, which sold for $35 million after being bought for $580 million, social media may be ready for the next best thing (Read the Myspace story here:

The question is, will Google+ replace Facebook? Many are skeptical . . .However…

Introducing Circles

Google+ has an even more advanced exclusivity that allows users to separate their contact out to individual networks! Now instead of sending a status update to all your 500+ friends, including your boss, your professor and your grandmother. With circles in Google+, you can post one thing to your college buddies, another to your collegues, and yet another intended for the family.

These Circles in Google+ could be the missing link in social media.

The question is, will this just prompt Facebook to get wise, or will it really make waves and capture a market share? What do you think?


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