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Networking Challenge: One a month until graduation

3 Mar

I have recently embarked on a self-imposed networking challenge. 

With the realization that college is over in less than a year, I decided it is about time that I start growing my network here in San Diego. Outside of my current internship, I have set myself the goal of meeting at least one (ideally two) public relations/marketing professionals in San Diego per month until I graduate in December. 

So far, the San Diego community has responded with enthusiasm. By the end of next week, I will have already met with three professionals this month alone. Everyone I meet with is extremely receptive to setting aside some time to sit down and chat with me. We talk about the general aspects of public relations, my aspirations and how I can accomplish my goals for the future.

As of now I can say that this quest has been extremely beneficial to me in terms of figuring out what steps I need to take between now and graduation in order to land a job in December. There truly is no better way to learn about a field than from professionals who spend their lives in it. This experience so far has been absolutely invaluable to my professional education.

Students: Try this out for yourself. The student card is an extremely valuable asset. Once you graduate from college, people are not going to be as receptive to sitting down with you to talk about your future career path. Get out there and meet the people who have been in your shoes and have lived to tell the tale!

Professionals: If you are interested in meeting with me and imparting some of your knowledge on willing ears, feel free to contact me at or tweet me @SamAfetian. My goal is to talk to everyone and anyone who will talk to me. I believe you all have something to teach me and I want to learn it as soon as possible.