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Blame the publicist, not the press release

8 Sep

There has been some talk recently that public relations professionals are single-handedly killing PR. It’s not the press release itself that is getting on journalists’ nerves, it’s how publicists are writing it.

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How to resurrect the press release and earn the credibility all publicists need:

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20 Apr

No matter what business you are in, giving professional PowerPoint presentations is part of the job. Excellent presentations can help a firm communicate their pitch effectively and bring in clients. On the flip side, very bad presentations can kill a firm’s chances of ever getting hired, especially by big companies.

By following these easy tips from CMO Johnny Chan of the San Diego digital marketing consultancy firm eBoost Consulting, your pitch will impress and win the business of your next client.


There are three things that you need to do in order to produce an excellent pitch:

  1. Craft a compelling message
  2. Enhance with compelling visuals
  3. Deliver with impact

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