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Why PR students should study abroad

13 Nov

As students, we often find ourselves making all kinds of excuses to not study abroad: “It’s too expensive” and “It won’t fit into my degree plan” are just a few of those myths circulating the university world. (Rest assured, money can be found, and you will find a way to make it fit.)

The past six months, I have been studying journalism at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Like many others, I had never thought about going abroad as a practical venture–until, that is, I spoke to several PR professionals about doing it. Those who hadn’t gone wish that they had; those who had gone told me it would be the most amazing experience of my life. Well, they were definitely right, but now having been abroad as a PR student, I think EVERY PR student should do it.

See things like a giant clam in the Great Barrier Reef

Top 5 reasons why PR students should study abroad:

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Building an online PR portfolio

24 May

Everything has gone to the web–greeting cards, ordering pizza, your classrooms–so should you!

Many employers check out your internet presence. Why not dazzle them with your tech-savvy ways with an impressive and simple online portfolio?

Don’t outdate yourself before you even get started. Build your online portfolio with these tips:

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Time management for students

12 May

With finals literally right around the corner many people are probably stressing out about how to fit everything in.

With these tips from career and life coach Angela Martin, owner of San Diego based¬†Defining Success Coaching, you can ensure that next semester won’t be as crazy as this semester.

Q & A: How to find a school/work/life balance

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Networking: The only way to success

7 May

In this day and age the only way to success is networking. Time and time again we have been told this by professors, professionals and even our parents. It is a message disseminated in so many different mediums that we almost become desensitized to the word. Networking.

We utter it in interviews, in casual conversations. We go places, we talk to people. We get business cards.

But are you networking? Check out these definitions of networking and what it should mean to You: 

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The Power of the Facebook “Like”

27 Apr

Oh, Facebook. It seems these days that every person and every business has a Facebook page. With that kind of competition, companies have had to get creative for you, the consumer, to notice their brands. Big companies have been spending big bucks to build fancy Facebook pages that will entice consumers to “like.” Why?

Because they know the power of the Facebook “like.”

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