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Complete Guide to Social Media Image Sizes [Infographic]

20 Oct

“Design is the new basis of competition.” – Eric Ries, Lean Startup

As social media managers, we know the importance of a brand’s appearance across its digital landscape. A consistent brand image from one digital property to the next is crucial to mapping out a smooth user experience across multiple platforms and building strong brand recognition.

But, that’s not always as easy at is sounds, especially when you have to create a different asset for all the social media platform’s utilizing different creative sizes.

I cannot count how many times I have Googled “LinkedIn Header Image Size” or “Google+ Avatar dimensions” when setting up a new property for a client– now I don’t have to anymore!

My friends over at Digital Telepathy, a super cool UX design firm in San Diego, recently published this awesome infographic below that lays out all of the most current graphic/image size dimensions for the most popular social media sites.

Check it out below!

(P.s. If you want to embed this on your blog, grab the embed code here.

A Complete Guide to Social Media Images [INFOGRAPHIC]

Embedded from: digital-telepathy


How to Get More Followers

10 Apr

A lot of people ask me what the key is to getting more followers on [fill in social media site here]. Surprisingly the answer is not that complicated. . .

Want more followers? Start posting great content.

I recently went to UC San Diego to see Guy Kawasaki speak about social media. Though the majority of his ideas I disagreed with (stay tuned for that blog post), what I did agree with is this: Sharing great content will help bring in new followers.

Social media graphic

So, what does great content look like? There are three qualities that define great content:

  1. Relevant: Content must be relevant to your target audience and their interests. For instance, if your target audience is photography enthusiasts, you should share content that will interest them.
  2. Interesting: Social media users have many different options when it comes to where and who to get their content from. Your content has to be interesting, or you’re going to lose eyes. See this awesome article title “How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic” on Copyblogger.
  3. Timely: Social media posts perform the best when they are timely. If you/your brand becomes known for always having the most up-to-date, fresh stories, people will come to you first.

To find great content, follow relevant social media influencers, read lots of blogs and set Google Alerts for top keywords in your topic area. After a while it get’s easier!

As a note, simply putting content out into the universe will not bring in tons of followers. Conversing in one-on-one conversations with others is one of the best ways to grow your network. But great content helps.

What do you think makes “great” content?